Punk Party Radio Show 94

Lord Prosser – Control
Adam Ant- Why do girls live horses?
Leeds Point – The Summoning
Barracuda – I feel so down
The Wolfmen – Needle in the Camel’s Eye
The Hollywood Stars – The Bottom
Phillip Foxley – She said yes
The Supertights – Low Kick
Scowl – Bloodhound
Johnny Stingray & Evil Kim Evil – Suzi’s got a sex wig
Restraining Order – Times Up
Jade Moede – Ups and Downs
Quaad H & Criss Payne – Bizarr
The Owen Guns – Expert in a Minor Threat shirt
Toxic Tito – Rockaway Beach
The Stolen Moans – Trees V3
Broken Baby – Madonna’s a Dick
Kasabian – LSF (Lost Souls Forever)
The Bishop Invaders – Passengers

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