Punk Party 92 

Punk Party Radio Show Jingles by BandaOrides

Ravine – if you’re not here
Organoclorados – Sacrificio
Banda Orides – O Guerreiro
Toxic Tito – Love of lust
Quaad H, Criss Payne – Burning Luv
Confront Stage – The Law in your head
Acid Claw – Caffeinated and fascinated
The Dog Roses – In us all
Chris Constantinou & Marco Pirroni – The Cramps in London Town
The Grand Old Evils – Evil Shuffle
Wolfpack – Advance Australia Scare
Jade Moede – Devil in the back, God in the front
Jessie Lee & The Alchemists – You Gotta
//Less – Nervous Breakdown
Vincent Bricks – Stockholm
Napalm Death – Narcissus
Travis Barker, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross – Can a drummer get some

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