PUNK PARTY RADIO SHOW Emission de 28/10/2021


Punk Party Radio Show 76

Sonic Angels – On the radio
Rob Moss and Skintight Skin – A rocket ship to you
Rat Feces – Right Wrong or Stoopid
Carvels – In Real Life
Brighton Strangler – Nice Guys
Oktoplut – Sans héros
Jade Moede – Over the edge
Guillotine – Sac cabas
Suzitoy – Love on the phone
Fuck Toute – Comptine
Bad Duck – Trex People
Lÿnx – Long Live Rock n’ Roll
The Pox – Sink Down
Dirk Schneider & The Old Gang – Face of a Stranger
Celebrity Stalker – Your Mom PG
Gumiho – Cigarettes
Lord Prosser – Cartel (extrait)

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