PUNK PARTY RADIO SHOW Emission de 30/09/2021

Punk Party Radio Show 74

Owen Guns – Fuck Cyclists
Owen Guns – The Ballad of Cheeto Hitler
Brighton Strangler – Let’s Party
X-Ray Love – Debbie
Maryllusion – Hurry Up
The Derellas – Highrise Superize
The Kids – I thought my family was rich
The Screaming Bloody Marys – Hammer comes down
Hot Laundry – Shake
Laurent Faye – Tout La Haut
Born Sick – We are all trash
Jade Moede – Over The Edge
Cato Street Conspiracy – Listen to me
Bite featuring Chelsea Rose – Fucked by the system
Szczeciński Zespol Dupa – Strata
Tom Dard – Lady Angel
Pink Balls Sister – Kentucky
Robbie Quine – It came from beyond


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